The Stones

Nicky has a great belief in the power of the gemstones which adorn the jewellery.  Natural stones, through the energy they hold and channel to the wearer, have been used for centuries for healing and can enhance and uplift in more ways than the simple pleasure of wearing a beautiful piece.

Every stone has been hand picked to create unique jewellery to catch the light and the eye.  The nature of semi-precious stones means that the colour and composition of each stone varies and no two pieces will ever be the same, resulting in complete individuality.

Some of the stones used are simulants – gemstones created by humans in a laboratory.  These stones mimic the structure of natural stones. Cubic zirconias (diamond like simulants,) which are also lab created, feature too and come in array of colours.  Both natural and simulant stones will be detailed in the jewellery descriptions.

Please note that the stones used in the jewellery may differ slightly in colour between their photograph and the actual piece as well as the examples given in the gemstone list below.


The all round healer for people, animals and plants. Has a calming effect on the heart, mind and nerves and provides calm and happy feelings. Protects and purifies.
Birthstone: February

Green Amethyst (Prasiolite)
Excellent for supporting the physical heart; fosters compassion, self-acceptance and self-honour. Aids in digestion and heartburn issues.

Promotes good communication. Relieves fluid retention. A stone of peace and peace making, restores calm and balance. Brings good luck in legal matters.

This “feel better stone” boosts personal power, provides the courage to open up to new experiences and challenges, brings new relationships, friendships and opportunities into your life while promoting self-confidence.
Birthstone: July

A “money stone”, brings abundance and wealth. Provides mental clarity and creativity. Good for eyesight and skin. Effective against all types of neuroses.  Birthstone: November

Garnet (Simulant)
Brings courage, creative energy, abundance, change and awareness. Good for blood cleansing/detox and sex drive. An aid in magic and spiritual devotion.
Birthstone: January

A magnetic stone, will draw success to you. Helps with travel sickness and jet lag. Wearing haematite jewellery will bring you praise and tangible rewards.

The stone of reconciliation after a quarrel. Helps with skin and hair conditions. It endows us with greater satisfaction in life. Wear it during emotional meltdown.

The gemstone of magic, divination and protection. It strengthens the immune system and alleviates outbursts of fury. Wearing it brings fun and spontaneity back into your life.

Lapis Lazuli
A career stone, it attracts promotion. It also helps to take responsibility for self, rather than blaming others for missed opportunities. Considered a stone of friendship.
Birthstone: September

Promotes a youthful appearance. Counteracts water retention and swelling. Protects travellers, especially when travelling at night or over sea. A generous stone for women.
Birthstone: June

Green Onyx
A soothing and strength giving stone. Beneficial for teeth, bones and feet. Helps to make wise decisions and imparts self-control while healing grief and sorrow.

Regarded as a powerful protection stone as it absorbs negative energy of people to release mental stress and promote emotional well-being. Assisting self control, decision making and intuition.

(Simulant) It’s calming and balancing properties help with hormonal problems, particularly in the young. Encouraging success in youth enterprises and the expression of natural feelings, whether positive or negative.
Birthstone: October

Important for bone structure and teeth. Helps you to recognize and solve problems. Brings happiness in marriage, encourages tradition.
Birthstone: June

(Simulant) Promotes financial and spiritual abundance, a powerful generator of joy and well being. Protects against envy and gossip. Guards organs in the chest area against disease.
Birthstone: August

Helps to overcome fear and take action. Enhances leadership qualities. Useful for colds, flu and viral attacks. Very protective when one is away from home.

Clear Crystal Quartz
Stimulates the nervous system and growth of hair and fingernails. Good for cleansing, healing, memory enhancement and weight loss. Wear it as a filter to transform critical words.

Green Quartz
Useful when worn to harmonize disputes. A lucky stone for health, love, prosperity and success. Beneficial for lungs and heart.

Lemon Quartz
A reminder of good things in life. May relieve nausea and lack of energy. Brings good luck and a flow of fresh energies. Wear for examinations or interviews.

Rose Quartz
Said to be the quintessential stone for Love. Calms heart and mind and assists in releasing anxiety, fears, worries and negative emotions. An ideal gift.

Smokey Quartz
Strengthens the muscle system. Good for vitality, intuition and physical expression. A very protective crystal, helps with negativity, anger, depression and grief.

A gentle calming stone. It is also said to provide support while you are learning lessons and to help you to let go of overwhelming responsibilities and limitations.

(Ruby like simulant) A traditional prosperity stone. Very efficient for bringing fire and passion into your life. Shields against evil intentions. Very healthy for blood circulation.

Royal Blue
(Sapphire like simulant) Offers calming and healing energies to those who wear it. Associated with mental discipline and focus to accomplish goals. Relieves headaches.

Blue Topaz
Enhances mental processing and verbal skills. Has a calming and soothing effect on emotions. Useful for fear of public speaking and general health of the neck and throat.
Birthstone: November

Mystic Topaz
Helps to let go of negative energies and cleanses body, mind and spirit. And ally to embrace change because it brings confidence and trust in the future.

A symbol of wisdom, calms the mind and eases depression. Guards travellers and their possessions against theft or attack while travelling. A crystal of Justice.
Birthstone: December

Cubic Zirconia
(Simulant) Worn as jewellery, it acts as a sheet of light around the wearer. It also assists in receiving spiritual guidance, giving a strong sense of the rightness of things, and the ability to deal with situations with wonderful clarity.
Birthstone: April