Jewellery Care

Simple care of your jewellery will prolong its longevity and beauty.

  • Keep your jewellery in an individual pouch in a cool dry place, preferably an airtight jewellery box (humidity results in tarnishing).
  • Be careful not to allow pieces to rub together (particulary gold plated pieces) as abrasion can damage the finish. It is a good idea to separate individual earrings; place one of the pair in a small plastic ziplock bag in your pouch and the other directly in the pouch.
  • Always put your jewellery on after applying any cosmetics, lotions, hairspray or scent.
  • Avoid swimming or bathing whilst wearing your jewellery as chemicals and chlorine can affect the stones and the sheen on silver and gold and the colour of some stones may fade upon prolonged exposure to light.
  • Although most semi precious stones are hard, they need to be treated with care and can be split with a single blow.  Therefore they should be protected from hard knocks and not dropped.

Cleaning your jewellery:

  • Silver can be cleaned with a soft specialist silver jewellery cloth.
  • Gold can be cleaned using a soft specialist gold jewellery cloth.
  • Gems and pearls should be gently wiped clean with a moist cloth.